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RTC Media/COTS Journal Taps PMG CEO for Key Industry Articles

John Reardon, CEO of RTC Media noted that only the best available, Industry talent contributes key articles to his publication - COTS Journal - which is the premier publication focusing on the COTS Embedded Market. Ed Hennessy, PMG's CEO was selected to develop three (3) special feature articles, based on his subject matter depth and expertise. Two of the articles published include, "The Hidden COTS Market: Are your getting your fair share?"

and "COTS Supportability and the Life-Cycle Proposition II: Scorecard - so how is COTS doing?" The third article titled, "Anatomy of the Drone - Future Directions - and how will the Killer/Stunner be put to practice" is in the works. Ed Hennessy commented, "RTC Media/COTS Journal has been an instrumental vehicle - which allows us to provide valuable insights and information to its readership. This also reinforces our commitment and dedication to the COTS Embedded Market with emphasis on the Defense & Military target segment."

RTC Media/COTS Journal is headquartered in San Clemente California and delivers comprehensive coverage of Industry standards, technologies and applications, as they apply to the Defense Community. It strives to be an essential tool to provide expert analysis to its our valued readership - consisting of key Industry Engineers, Management and Executives. 

PMG Principal named Expert by Guidepoint Global 

Guidepoint Global, a prestigious New York-based, Research Firm named Edmond M. Hennessy, a principal for Performance Marketing Group (PMG), a Trusted Advisor for its "Network of Experts" Program. A spokesperson from Guidepoint indicated that, "Guidepoint Global seeks out only a limited and select group of highly, qualified professionals that excel in their field to represent our interests." Guidepoint's clients consist of private and institutional investors that can only turn to the "best in the field" for advice and consultation for their elite clientele. Mr. Hennessy is a noted domain expert in his field. His Industry expertise and accomplishments are well known and respected. Mr. Hennessy noted that, "Acceptance to the Guidepoint Research Program is a key milestone, which will extend our influence to this critical, client segment."

Performance Marketing Group (PMG) is a New Hampshire-based, Private Company specializing in Market Programs and services designed to generate new business for client companies.

Guidepoint Global is a New York-based, Worldwide Research Specialist that provides advice and consultation to client companies through the use of its unique, "Network of Experts" Program.


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