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PMG's Business Model is broken down into four (4) basic components:

Licensing of Training Programs

Many of PMG's programs have a "training & development" component, as part of the overall package. This is a core competence of PMG. For professional Training & Coaching firms, PMG offers its "course-ware" on a Licensing basis. PMG consultants provide train-the-trainer services to client companies to allow them to quickly integrate PMG programs into their standard training format. This allows a flow of new, innovative program material and a source of incremental revenue to our Partners.

Market-Based Programs

PMG's core business is developing and implementing Market-based Programs. We have developed a framework that corresponds to our clients’ key challenges, opportunities and problem set. This framework translates client needs into baseline programs that are implemented to achieve tangible results. Given this approach, PMG takes full responsibility for Program implementation. This minimizes risk, assures program uniformity, allows quick ramp-up and protects the client's investment. (PMG) was created for the sole purpose of providing practical, results-driven programs that generate new business, wreak havoc on the Competition & improve performance/productivity, within Captive Sales/
Distribution Channels for Client Companies. PMG has developed a mix of standard Market Programs that have been proven over the last eighteen (18) years to deliver results. Based on PMG's broad Industry experience, its mix of programs was developed based on common needs that were identified with early-stage, Client experiences. PMG's founding team has been responsible for generating $750 Million Revenue (cumulatively) for various Client Companies.

Ready-to-Implement Kits

PMG provides pre-packaged kits that are self-contained and "implementation ready." Each kit provides the client company with a framework for applying the Target Program to their business, complete with Program Overview, Implementation Guide and Support Materials. Case examples and reference materials are included to assist in the translational process. This optional approach appeals to the Do-It-Yourself User and is available for purchase on our Products Page by Program Product:
The kits were developed, based on years of Client experience and provide a low-cost means of applying proven Marketing techniques to your business. PMG consultants provide guidance & direction, as required. Each of the kits are priced, as standard products and include an E-Version of the award-winning book, “Market Warfare: Leadership & Domination Over Competitors" for reference.

Training Workshops

PMG has developed a variety of Training Workshops (typically, one to two days) that concentrate on Skills Development. These Workshops are "customized" to fit the needs of the client company reflecting on their specific Industry/Market Segments, Applications focus, Product and Services mix, Target Audience, Competitive Influences, etc. The workshop speaks the language of the audience and is delivered in an engaging, Performance-based format complete with Practice Drills, Problem-Solving Exercises and Case Studies (based on actual "real-life" examples provided by the client company). Depending on the selected Workshop, the audience can consist of Sales & Marketing Professionals, 3rd Party Distributors/Reps, Field Support personnel, Executive Managers, Owners/Principals, etc. These specialized, Workshops are available on a fee basis and are supported by dozens of Clients that have applied them to their business to achieve outstanding results.

Working Relationship

PMG's preference is to establish an early-stage, relationship, based on the use of one of its core Market Programs. The objective is to prove the value of PMG to the client, which results in a continued relationship. It is common for PMG to become "Strategically" aligned with a client company, which requires a different level of attention & service.

PMG has an active, sustainable base of clients that vary in Size, Volume & Complexity. Clients range from Start-Ups to Blue-Chip Companies, however the common thread is that PMG's clients consistently realize "Results," based on the use of our Market Programs and Services.