With over twelve years of demonstrated experience, PMG has contributed to generating $750 million revenue for Client Companies (cumulatively).
​Our Client relationships can be project-specific or Strategic in-scope.

As an option, PMG has developed a unique Family of Pre-packaged Kits that are self-contained and "implementation ready" designed for the Do-It-Yourself User. Each affordable kit provides the client company with a framework for applying the Target Program to their business, complete with Program Overview, Implementation Guide and Support Materials. Case examples and reference materials are included to assist in translating the kits to your specific situation.  Like our core Market Programs, the Kits can be stand-alone or integrated to deliver a broader Marketing Program. 

We have authored the breakthrough book titled "Market Warfare: Leadership & Domination Over Competitors - basic training for Business Combat" to share our experience and techniques with other Industry Associates. It is our objective to eventually make the readership and client base self-sufficient and in doing so, we will impact and redefine the Marketing Landscape.

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Marketing Services​ Helping Technology 
Companies crack this tough-as-nails Market

Program Products

We primarily work with Technology companies focusing on cracking the tough-as-nails, Aerospace and Defense & Military target segments, which is where we grew-up and spent decades in the trenches working to perfect our Market Programs expertise. This experience allowed us to develop a framework, methodology and process-orientation that takes a Market Program from Strategy-level to nitty-gritty implementation. 
The areas of focus include:​

Vertical Industry and Market Development
Product Launch/Roll-Out Campaigns
Channel Partner and Strategic Alliance Programs

•​Target Account and Opportunity Development (developing new sources of business)
​​•​Competitive Attack Campaigns
​​•​Competitive Positioning and Sales Training Workshops
•​Target Action Planning System
Strategic Formulation Program

These Program elements are designed to cover the full-range of our Clients' Marketing needs and can operate independently or can be inter-related, as building blocks to represent a well-rounded, Marketing Program.

What can you gain by working with PMG?

Ability to develop new sources of business, by leveraging PMG's Market Programs expertise and rich, Industry    Contact Network (well-connected in the Aerospace and Defense & Military target segments)
​•​Recruit, build or improve the performance and effectiveness of Channel Partner/3rd Party Networks
​•Tap PMG's relationships with powerful Media/Publishing sources to gain visibility, position and momentum
​•​Leverage our relationships with key Technology sources to develop Strategic Alliances and "ride them to
​•Wreak havoc on your competition and develop new business at their expense
​•Provide the training and tools to your Direct Sales Force and 3rd Party Network to outmaneuver the
  competition and improve your Sales Hit Rate 
​•​and much, much more