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Marketing Services​ Helping Technology 
Companies crack this tough-as-nails Market

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We work with Technology companies focused on cracking the tough-as-nails, Aerospace and Defense target segments, which is where we grew-up and spent decades in the trenches working to perfect our Market Programs expertise. We work collaboratively with our Clients to take a Market Program from Strategy-level to nitty-gritty implementation with full accountability.

What can you gain by working with PMG?

Ability to develop new sources of business, by leveraging PMG's Market Programs expertise and rich, Industry    Contact Network (well-connected in the Aerospace and Defense target segments)
​•​Recruit, build or improve the performance and effectiveness of Channel Partner/3rd Party Networks
​•Tap PMG's relationships with powerful Media/Publishing sources to gain visibility, position and momentum
​•​Leverage our relationships with key Technology sources to develop Strategic Alliances and "ride them to
​•Wreak havoc on your competition to develop new business at their expense
​•Provide the training and tools to your Direct Sales Force and 3rd Party Network to outmaneuver the
  competition and improve your Sales Hit Rate 
​•​and much, much more