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PMG also provides consulting services on a project basis to handle specific Client requirements including Market, Product or Competitive Research, Market / Business Development Studies, and Personal Training / Coaching.

This skills development product is a proven, framework and process for the Marketing professional or Owner/Principal to "Master" the tough challenges of evaluating Market Potential and Fit. The Program provides the means to develop and implement effective Strategies. SFP™ uniquely matches your Company's capabilities with the needs and requirements of your Target Markets, in relationship to the strengths and weaknesses of the competition. The output of the program is a Baseline Assessment of the business and a set of Action Plans that are "Ready-to-Roll." Many seasoned Executives and the newly, initiated, as well, can benefit from the use of this product.

An example of SFP™ in action:
An equipment manufacturer was struggling at the Divisional level to put a compelling aspect into their Annualized Business Plan, which was competing with other Divisions for resource and investment funds. The Division was not in a strong position with the Parent Company, as a result of past performance. Further, due to a recent reorganization, the Division brought in a Field Manager to take over the VP Sales & Marketing helm, at this critical juncture. The new VP was skilled and competent, however he did not have any Strategic Planning experience, under his belt and was pressured to provide the Parent Company, with a solid Business Plan. He brought PMG in to scope-out the Target Market, define a Winning Strategy, characterize the Competitive Landscape, quantify / validate the Opportunity Base and facilitate the development of the Business Plan.

The outcome: the Parent Company bought into the Plan and even extended additional technology and resources to the Division. The VP continued to gain benefit from personal coaching / mentoring from his relationship, with PMG.

Tough spot to be in, in that, the company promoted me to a VP-level role, however there were demands that I did not have prior experience to fall back on. We had to get a lot of things done fast, considering the position and track record we had, with the new parent company. We discovered PMG and everything fell into place. At this stage, we have adopted PMG's approaches to our business fully.
- VP Sales and Marketing

Target Action Plan (TAP™)

This product is referred to, as the "Missing Link." TAP™ is a Goal & Priority-Setting Process that is the bridge, between Strategy and Implementation. Most Companies' have brilliant Strategies, however they struggle with Implementation and Execution. TAP™ provides the vehicle to put the Strategy to work, within a Group, Department or an entire Organization by "translating" the Strategy into terms that can be understood at the Operating Level and putting an Action Planning Process in-place, which is fully implemented & measured. TAP™ is designed to focus on the "Critical Success Factors," which are the roots to Success. TAP™ takes participants thru a process that evaluates current workload & priorities, matches them to defined Critical Success Factors (CSFs) and then, redefines, reprioritizes and scrubs them to be consistent and aligned with intended, Strategy and Directions. TAP™ can be easily, integrated into a Company's Performance and Compensation Program. In many cases, TAP™ works in cooperation with the Strategic Formulation Program (SFP™).

This focused program increases your Company's visibility and exposure in key Industry segments or Vertical Markets. It is designed to put you in touch with influential Industry Groups, Trade associations, Consulting firms, etc., to impact Strategic Positioning and Success. PMG has developed contacts and expertise in many of the Target Industries and Market Segments that our Client Companies serve. 

VIA™ reaches decision-makers, and uncovers Opportunities for your Company's products and services in key accounts. In many cases, PMG will provide Investigative Research Services and Specialized Training Programs that further improve your Company's effectiveness in selected Target Markets and Applications.​

This book is basic training for business combat and provides field-proven approaches to develop new business and outmaneuver the competition.

The Market Warfare book is endorsed by Industry heavies:
“Ed Hennessy tells you all the things you must know about your competitors - things they pray you'll never learn." --Jay Conrad Levinson, author of the international bestselling Guerrilla Marketing series

"In the rough and tumble marketing wars, Ed Hennessy is my Yoda." --Gary K. Wolf, author of the award-winning book, “Who Censored Roger Rabbit?,” which fueled the blockbuster Disney movie, “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Strategic Formulation Program (SFP™)

Vertical Industry Awareness Program (VIA™)


Also available in ready-to-implement kits.

Breakthrough Marketing Book

This product exploits the installed base of your Competition to create "Replacement" opportunities that fit your Company's products and services. The program elements include comprehensive account plans/ strategies, competitive analysis tools, Tactical Guide, contact data, direct-mail response, qualified leads, sales aids, collateral material, etc. 

CRP™ can be tied in with your sales compensation plan to incent the Sales Force or 3rd Party Network, resulting in "Spikes" in quarterly, Sales Performance. 

CRP™ is available on a stand-alone basis or it can be bundled with TOP™ or other PMG products for maximum effectiveness.

Product Opportunity Program (POP™)

Also available in ready-to-implement kits.

This is a unique Skills Development Program that goes, beyond Product Selling. This workshop is typically delivered in a one-to-two-day format. The Program is "Performance-Driven" and incorporates Practice Drills, Role Plays, Problem-Solving Exercises, Compelling Case Studies, etc. (based on actual experiences relevant to your Business). CPW™ imparts a unique Methodology and Approach to Competitive Positioning, which gives your Direct Sales / Support Team and Dealer / Distributor Network the power to "define the customer problem in their terms, not the Competitors'." Participants develop positioning statements to characterize and distinguish your Company and its products and services from the Competition. The Workshop includes Key Tactics to "outmaneuver & annihilate" the Competition. This is real-world stuff, which is easily translated to day-to-day Selling Habits to make a difference. Attendees receive a Workbook and Action Guide, which allows them to continue to bone-up and further develop their Competitive Positioning Skills. This Workshop is a must for all that face fierce competition and are looking for a "Knock-Out Punch.” 

Our Products

Target Opportunity Program (TOP™)

Competitive Positioning Workshop (CPW™)

Market Warfare book available in digital format

This product is a specialized Lead Generation Program that provides pre-qualified leads to your direct Sales Force or to a Dealer / Distributor Network for your Company's products and services. 

TOP™ can be used to create new sales opportunities within Target Accounts, recruit / develop a dealer network, identify opportunities within your installed base, assist in Account development or support Major Product Introductions.

TOP™ combines three basic Marketing Elements: Telemarketing, Direct-Response and Prospect Data-Bases in one complete package. 

PMG also offers a complete training package, which provides powerful techniques to improve the effectiveness of Companies, already utilizing Telemarketing or for those considering to set-up a Telemarketing function.

Also available in ready-to-implement kits.

General Consulting Services

Competitive Replacement Program (CRP™)

This product provides the framework and tools to a Client Company to support Major Product Launches or to revitalize "sluggish" sales of established products, within a Target Market. 

Several examples of POP™ include: 

A High-Powered "Try & Buy" program, which supported a Major Product Launch for a Software Company specializing in the Relational Data-Base Management / Business Graphics Market, was put in-place.The Program provided a Qualified Prospect with everything needed to evaluate the product and initiate the order with minimal support from the Direct Sales / Support Team. This was accomplished thru an Innovative Merchandising Package. The approach used "accelerated the decision cycle" and generated $1.2 Million in New Sales.

As a small, innovative technology company, we must get it right the first time out - we have no luxuries or margin for error. PMG's Product Roll-Out Program hit the mark with the Target Audience and exceeded all of our Target Goals. This made a real difference in our business.
- CEO & Founder

A "Dealer Support Package" was provided to an established, Services Company, which was "losing the attention" of its captive, dealer network. PMG provided a complete program leveraging TOP™ and CRP™, as primary elements of the Program. This was introduced, as part of, a Major Product Introduction. Dealers were provided a "hard-hitting" Campaign Package consisting of pre-qualified leads to attack the competitive, installed base complete with Account Strategies, Competitive Analysis Tools & effective sales aids. PMG also provided its Competitive Positioning Workshop (CPW™) to the Target Dealer Network, which imparted new approaches and techniques into the Sales Process. The Campaign generated $1.6 Million of New Sales and literally, "caught the Competition off-guard." This added-value program revitalized confidence in the Dealer Network and distinguished the Client Company from the Competition. It was a new "ball game" for the Client Company - the Dealer Network was back and here to stay. 

We had a serious challenge to face, with a new product launch looming and the Dealer/Distributor Network losing interest and ready to walk. PMG's Launch Campaign and added-value services gave us the edge to realize one of our best Product Introductions and provide solid demonstration to our Valued Dealers that we were the right choice.
- President​

Also available in ready-to-implement kits.