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The program products evolved over many years of practical application. Client Companies varied by size, volume, stage in life-cycle, cultural considerations, complexity, etc., however the program products demonstrated their versatility and fit. Although PMG's products were based on sound fundamentals, the principals assert that they were a result of “real-world experience and not crafted in the Executive Boardroom." The focus was on execution & implementation. Client companies had brilliant Strategies, however they had little means to turn them into solid results. PMG's program products were a bridge to accomplish this.​

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​Performance-Based Products That Make a Difference

About PMG

The Performance Marketing Group (PMG) was created for the sole purpose of providing practical, results-driven programs that generate new business, wreak havoc on the Competition & improve performance/productivity, within Captive Sales Distribution Channels for Client Companies. PMG has developed a mix of standard program products that have been proven over the last eighteen (18) years to deliver results. Based on PMG's broad Industry experience, its mix of products was developed based on common needs that were identified with early-stage, Client experiences. PMG's founding team has been responsible for generating $750 Million Revenue (cumulatively) for various Client Companies.

Mr. Hennessy has worked with Client companies for two plus decades and responsible for generating $750 Million revenue (cumulatively), based on the application of PMG approaches & techniques. The genesis of Mr. Hennessy's experience and expertise was grounded in the High-Tech Industry, which focused on sophisticated, added-value products and services in a range of Target Market Segments. Although he indicates that his experience was gained primarily through field work and hard knocks, Mr. Hennessy served in Executive roles driving Worldwide Sales & Marketing organizations, building effective Partner / Channel Networks, solidifying Major Account and Key Strategic Alliances and innovating Marketing approaches to support Major Product Launches / Roll-Outs, Competitive Attack Campaigns and New Market Development efforts. It is this combined Industry experience that provided Mr. Hennessy the insight and expertise that was so necessary to spawn the development of PMG's unique Family of Program Products. Mr. Hennessy is a recognized Expert in his field and well-published in Industry circles. His award-winning, book titled "Market Warfare: Leadership & Domination over Competitors" has been released and is gaining worldwide momentum and acceptance. Mr. Hennessy has literally trained and developed thousands of professionals that carry his unique approaches to the Marketplace every single day. With the Battle Cry of Market Warfare, Mr. Hennessy confirms that this is not an idle chant, but a way of life.​

​Performance-Based Products That Make A Difference

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